Goodbye 2020! Hello Change.

2020 has had some challanges… COVID-19, I’m talking to you! So as we ring in 2021 let all be dedicated to accepting some needed change.
There’s not much a tree can do about a sudden drought or nasty cold snap – jetting off on a winter sun holiday isn’t a real option. Trees have to accept whatever the universe throws at them and adapt to the unexpected. Take the Balsam Fir, for example. It has worked out a way of surviving at northern latitudes while not dropping its leaves, so it can photosynthesize year-round. It’s also developed a thick resinous sap that won’t freeze. Sure, change can feel uncomfortable but – for people and trees- often times discomfort can lead to growth!

This New Years make your resolution to be more like a Balsam Fir. Accept the discomfort of 2020 and use it to grow in 2021.

Also. A BIG SEE YA to 2020!!! Time to see what 2021 holds!!!

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