Winter Wonderland?

Historically a winter storm like Texas just saw only happens 3 times every 100 years! It seemed magical (besides the lack of water and power) but now that we’ve entered the sloshy water and cleaning up after busted pipes phase its lost some of its magic, am I right? In the midst of all the chaos don’t forget to evaluate your surrounding trees. They took on some real stress this last week and knowing their health has the potential to save you from more damage. Our trees are not use to the weight of snow and ice, this could have broken some branches but most damage you see is recoverable with proper care. It is always best after extreme stress to get those beloved trees evaluated but when should you worry? If you are seeing more than 50% of branches, especially major scaffold branches are damaged, or the main leader is damaged immediate intervention is needed.

Always be aware of weighted or falling branches and powerlines when checking your trees.

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