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Category: Recent Projects

Project: Bagworms

Issue: Bagworms are caterpillars that create their cocoon by cutting leaves off evergreen plants and trees. They can show up by the hundreds and take over very quickly.  They will defoliate the plant and prevent it from creating nutrition for itself. …

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Project: Anthracnose infestation

Issue: Anthracnose is a fungus that kills the leaves on the trees. It can also destroy developing shoots and new leaves. It spreads very quickly during rainy seasons. Solution: After removal, the large opening of exposed hardwood is very attractive to…

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Project: Dying tree limb that made homeowner very nervous.

Issue: There was a very large limb extending out over their 2-story house. This limb was unhealthy and infested with boring beetles posing a danger of falling and destroying the home. Solution: After removal, the large opening of exposed hardwood…

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Scale causing sooty mold on crepe myrtles

Scale are tiny white leaf sucking insects. These insects are the primary reason that you will get the sooty mold showing up all over your plants, however not the only insect to cause this. Any leaf sucking insects whose excrement…

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